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What to expect…

Initial Meeting/Phone Call:

Many questions will arise and discussions will take place before we begin to build your new home. When you inquire with us, we will schedule an initial meeting or phone call with you. Below are some points of discussion and questions to consider for that meeting.

Sign a contract
Whether you have a real estate agent or you prefer to work without one, we will work with you to sign a contract on the agreed purchase price for your new home. At this time, you will approve your proposal, your floor plan, and your finishing selections allowance. We will then get started on building your new home.
Close on the construction loan
It could take 4-6 weeks to finalize the documents and complete the paper appraisal for the lender. During this time, you will be busy envisioning the details you will choose for your new home.
Nicholas Construction LLC uses the BuilderTrend software to manage all new home builds. The software is designed to involve the homeowner in the many aspects of the home building process. You will be assigned a username and password for your own private portal. This site will serve as a common repository for all documentation and communication for your home building process, to include selection documentation and approval, progress pictures, messaging, comments, documents, etc. You will have access to your home’s site throughout the build process so you will be notified of information and updates on your new home in real time as it is being built.
While you are waiting for the lender to approve the construction loan you will meet with a Nicholas Construction LLC coordinator to review the process for making your finish selections. You will be given a list of items to select and/or suppliers to visit to make your selection process smooth and efficient. Your coordinator will be available to you to answer all questions and address any concerns you may have throughout the process of building your home.
Final walkthrough
When your home is near complete you will have an opportunity to walk through with your agent and/or a representative from Nicholas Construction LLC to ensure your new home meets your approval and any outstanding items are documented as “need to complete” before closing. After the walk through, trades will come back in to tie up any loose ends listed, and a final cleaning will be completed just before you close and receive the keys to your new home!